Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

The city is ours

The forge has been cleansed and the banner stands. the city is ours but this is only the beginning. Van still has not been found and demons still lurk around the the country side. With Johildi’s blessing i have made for Aijumi a belt of perfect dexterity now her already amazing skills and mobility is accented by her feelings that any sort of armor is now an encumbrance. Though i agree with accenting our strangths is good I do not believe i should also put all i have toward just one thing there are to many problems on the horizon for just strength to be my answer. i must get back to my roots. and learn more of my dragon blood. i will be crafting in this down time to assist as best i can when these hands are not needed to crush demons.

We have desided to take another look at the crypt and believe we are ready to unlock its secrets.



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