Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

The chance to prove myself

barbarian raiders have been attacking traders to the east. also word of a warrior weilding a black blade have come from the survivors. the description seams too similar to Van not to investigate.

as we made our way to the barbarian tribe to negotiate trades and peace we were ambushed by demons drakes and sucubi.
after slaying them all and saving the cleric from near fatal fall. we finally arrived at our destination.

As we approached we noticed that the people seamed more afraid of their own leaders then they were of us or the world wound at there door step.

only under the right of challenge from Johildi were we giiven entry into the camp.

after entering the throne room it was obvious that it was made more as a housing for the Ice drake familiar of the leader then as a throne room. Then after a very short failed negotiations the challenge was made. and johilidi chose me as his right hand.
just as this was happening Aijumi disappeared to the roof where she seamed to fight a skilled enemy based on her movements. It became obvious that johildi would win when the leader comanded his men to kill our allies in the antechamber. with more men pouring in against us I was almost knocked unconscious when the sorcerer blew a whole in the wall. i was able to Dimensional hop threw it to safety and Ajumi came back just in time to help Johildi finish the leader.



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