Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

It is Done.

Now the head has been removed from the snake. The city is ours and Pavanna’s head sits on a pike. He hid behind his demons and his bugs. but they could not stop his judgment.
As we stepped out onto the roof you could smell the city on fire. demon corpses being burned and fear. with mug looks on there faces they called their beast i watched as johildi and Ajumi were swept off the roof by a large Black beast part wolf part dragon it mocked me and my kin. charging the enemies i readied myself to attack the first of them to flee. and after starting to rip into Pavanna the beast came back around and pushed me off the tower toward the courtyard. As i lifted myself from the ground i saw johildi jump from the second story roof and land next to me. the dog and cleric were on there way.
once we got to the ceiling thanks to the dogs incredibly useful power i tore into the Moth but it escaped with the dwarf’s body Ajumi fly after it and We all placed that trust in her. Johildi and the companion of his say their Gods give them reassurance that both the moth and the leader of their armies here died from the fall like Ajumi said but the body was no longer their and resurrection is something on the forefront of my mind. We my be seeing our friend here again. I’m not sure he would be happy to see us,

But once the forge is converted to being a fountain of holy energy the army will become better equipped. and i will have a moment to finally morn the passing of Talindalev. As well as try and be of some use to my friends and those who will follow our foot steps.



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