Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

Into the depths in search of light

Now we set our sights on the dungeon, for in its depths is their demon forge And somewhere lies the sword of valor.

As we started down into the depths with the soft playing music (of our favorite scared for her life new bard) keeping the maddening whispers at bay. the ghosts of those whispers were not happy to be kept back so they came looking for us. as they slid in and out of walls and us trying to sap our strength i changed my arcane strike as to not waist my strength on attacks that might go right through my enemy. though Aijumi lost some strength we were able to restore it with a potion.

As we entered into the next occupied room there were 2 demons covered in blood. thats when everything went dark. not that the darkness was a the problem so much as the whisper that came to me in the darkness. my mind slipped and i lost control of my own body as i was commanded to attack my own allies. As i tried to control myself i tore into Aijumi leaving her bloodied but not unconscious. before i regained control. then i let my rage flow turning back at my enemies i crushed them beneath my claws in anger. i refuse to be controlled by my enemies i will not be a pawn of the dark. i will find a way to stand.



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