Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

A New Day Dawns.

I Come Bearing the Word of Desna. She has seen the plight of man here in this realm and sends aid.
A Sense of wonder is needed when dealing in all things or else even the good fight will tear at a mans soul.
But even as the Demons come here so must we there. or the fight is a losing one.

For these reasons Desna chose me to assist Johildi And Aijumi in the head strike force of the army.

And so or first mission was given to us.

Find the Lost Cleric.
The man Had more steadily lost his faith and traveled off into the wilderness to deface a monument of his god. All under the influence of a Demon possessing him. after Ajiumi secured the Cleric I trapped the demon with dimensional anchor. Even after turning invisible and failing to posses me, it seceded on possessing the rouge. but thanks to my anchor i was able to save her buy Dimensional Hoping the demon out of her.

After vanquishing the retched creature, i was able to Atone the Cleric of his Transgressions against his god and himself. After which we were blessed buy their patron saint with his holy relics.



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