At first glance you see a human of silver hair. its not till you see the gold in his eyes you realize his blood is something else


From a family that left Magnimar to live a quiet life. nothing was more surprising then having an Asimarian child. Perren grew up enchanted by worlds in his own mind always wondering off and searching out new places to be. it was during one such adventure that a land slide and world wound expansion that caused him to stumble into the world wound.

Only living by the luck and good graces of a worrior of Desna. having never gotten a name he remembers clearly the way she would hold to her symble of desna durring hard times. she disappeared just before a crusading party found him.

Afterword he devoted himself to Desna and the crusades. Having been on the way to Conobres when the ward tower was destroyed Having lived by pure luck he found his way to the shelter set up by the Heroes and stayed to help the city rebuild.

Then after the army was sent to Drezen Through the commune spell Perren believed it was his destiny to train under Kaladin as a wondrous item crafter.

Having just learned of Kaladins demise He has decided to help however he can with the crusade.


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