Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

The City's Peek

Today we will take this city. And no matter where the Sword of valor is held we will find it.
Yesterday we finished searching the main floor of the citadel. As we entered the main stair well we found a map room with a dwarf who had been mind controlled by the succubus.
after tearing apart a minitar that tried to ambush us a Female Barbarian charged me. I am disgusted with how she has joined the side of the demons. their rifts and world wound destroyed our homeland. She was unrelenting as we traded blow for blow eventually putting her down i was knocked out after being struck from behind.

I awoke to the dwarf healing me. after the succubus was killed he regained control of his mind and helped turn the tide of battle. then showing us to the weapon storage and explaining the rest of the citadel lay out.



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