Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

Johildi's War Journal (5)

Entry 5: Points of Light

The streets crawl with demons, and men have lost faith. No longer does the light shine over this fair city, justice is nowhere to be found. Crusaders, warriors, children, it doesn’t matter; the forces of darkness are picking them apart in the street. We have successfully returned Anivia to her home, where she was ambushed. We were able to thwart the attempt, but her wife was nowhere to be found. Her home was burned to the ground in the ambush, but we were able to get everyone to safety.

We then headed back into the streets, where we stumbled upon the Inn known as Defender’s Heart. It has become an outpost for the rift wardens and we were able to resupply. Anivia was finally reunited with her wife, and we have learned of the true extent of the damage to the wards in the city. It seems the entire network is disrupted or damaged in some way. The news has come as a blow to us all. Defender’s Heart serves as one of the points of light in the city, attempting to keep the darkness at bay. With it I hope we can mount a counter offensive to retake the city.

In the morning we shall decide a plan of action. I believe the best course is to seek out these safe houses and arm ourselves against the darkness, or at least deprive them of the weapons. I should be able to convince my companions of this point, and hopefully we will be victorious.



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