Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

Johildi's War Journal (3)
Entry 3: Radiance

Most people alive today have been born during a time of war. The forces of light and good are battling the forces of evil and darkness. Demons pour from a wound in the world itself to strike down the races of this world. Heroes are born, heroes die. We tell their stories to one another around campfires, to our children, and as a means to incite the next generation of heroes. Too often these stories seem unreal to us. We think we could never accomplish what these great heroes did before us. We wonder if the stories really are true. Today, my companions fell upon evidence of one such story. While we don’t know if Yaniel’s story is actually true, her sword known as Radiance did exist. My companion, Lief, now holds it in his hands.

The story of it’s retrieval will no doubt be told for generations to come. Hopefully Lief will find himself the centerpiece of stories told to my grandchildren, and inspire young men and women to take up arms against evil wherever it may hide. Radiance had somehow found itself in the hands of one of Baphomet’s dedicated, hidden from the forces of good. They meant to destroy it, keep it from being used to slay demons.

We began our day battling our way through a small village of mongrel-men who had been taken over by one of Baphomet’s Clerics. First the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to be the vanguard of light against the darkness. I wish I could say that good prevailed handily, and the darkness was driven back . But just like those stories of my youth, ones the clerics told us to teach us morality, it ignores the true hardships of the hero. It makes it seem like they were able to walk in and evil surrendered. Evil did not surrender this evening, evil fought tooth and nail. Good could have fallen today. It is through the perseverance of my companions that I am able to make this entry. Upon narrowly besting our foe, we stumbled upon a lockbox that contained the aforementioned sword, Radiance. My soul sang with joy as my companion lifted that blade from it’s box, and it ignited in light. We now carry this weapon in the battle against those that would stand in the way of righteousness, and breaking back through to the surface seems in reach.

Intro into Leif

Once upon a few nights back, it must be by now right?, a fantastic fair had come to town. In hopes of spending some of my off time unwinding from the countless guard jobs and my adoptive family, whom I love very much don’t get me wrong but the cloister day in and day out gets quite tiring. Upon my arrival to the fair I began to feel my troubles lift as I met with a friend of my parents’, or so I was told, his name was Pidon. The next thing I know there was a loud rumble and the sound of a explosion, sending a dragon from among the guests of the fair and through the turmoil that is all i saw as I was push from the scene falling and finding myself trapped in a cave? I hear footsteps but see nothing as I finally find myself a wall to at least have some feeling of security a light grows across the room lit by a beautiful women, though she did need some help with her leg there was also an elf next to her his eyes seeming to be covered by a piece of cloth. Fearful of her response of my affection I only observed and protected both of our new additions and by default the wealthy man from the city whom was so scared he backed into a corner. There were many others down here as well one a man of the Faith similar to I, a Teifling of whom I am weary of her betrayal, a human? who seems to be quick on her feet and lastly a Human male whom is now as we speak trying to steal all of the dragon scales we had found in this place as birthright? Who is this man? Upon further inspection of this cave we found ourselves the only ones left alive from the fall lacking of all these bugs, yuck why did they have to be giant bugs… Her hair moving in clumps as she attempted to keep up with us, we must slow down our pace so they can keep up, if only there was something i could do to ease her pain. Upon traversing the cave further we stumble upon a temple one that seemed familiar though upon entry…there was something decrepit, a dwarf man in a hood, though as he turned his eyes were hollow and his skin made of bone. Holy light flooded my eyes as i recognized his being, this thing had to be stopped and this holy temple cleansed. In one blow and some help from the Mystery Birthright man the disgrace was cleaned from the temple and upon the death we cleansed the temple of its impurities.

Upon waking up in the temple we set out only to find men of disgrace and taint in their blood, they are known as mongrel men in the city, though they meant us no harm just their presence made me uncomfortable especially with having to bring her down here as well…not quite the best terms to meet a lovely girl. These disgraces of men were in quite the bind with the earthquake one of their own had been trapped underneath a rock, with our strength it was a small feat and upon their freedom they escorted us to their city. A rat like man with a disturbing face asked of us a single thing there was a group of cultists worshiping a demon lord who had taken over another tribe of mongrel men and forced them to serve. And with his we set out after buying some small amount of supplies. We stormed their keep with not much trouble the 2 other men taking the helm and I following up the middle as to protect. Upon our return to the village the chief told us of a way out of this place, though there were more mongrels in the way it was a way out finally.

upon the next morning, or at least i’m lead to believe, We set out for this cultist encampment finding many men dressed as if to imitate my image as a crusader of the faith. Upon some easy but dreadful fights we killed the pinons among them and destroyed the demon lords connection to them. Though as we ventured further in we found a women of great beauty though wicked and deceitful……she must die. As we followed her trail we stumbled up the room of which they were. They were waiting for us with a giant mongrel man waiting to strike. As if on Que he began crushing us one by one. many of us gravely injured though as the man with the claws slayed the cleric lady all began to fall. After the battle we looked around the rooms for clues of their intentions….we found both that and more Iomedae had graced me with a gift of perfect beauty, a sword used to gather people together and used in the crusades before now a true weapon worthy of slaying these demons and demon spawn.

Kaladin looks ahead.
Thoughts and memories over the latest movements in this darkness

At the last charge at the barricade toward the surface we had found a room full of Mongrel-men, this time we found cultists. Some had fled to tell their masters Justice has come to them already after their treachery against the light. We decided to move with caution and searched the upper floor before moving down.
It was funny to see the look on Ajumi’s face, after she had jumped into a trash slime going after something shinny.
We found a chest with potions and scrolls, and a rat hole near another passage way where Mongrel-men surrendered to us and poke of a maze that they guarded.
“Where is the maze made to go” I Wonder “What was it made to hide?”
After deciding to deal with the cultists “now that we are sure of which pathway is true.”
we came to a single door way which had a champion and a dark priestess. They had stolen a Sacred blade from a long ago hero. And letters from their masters speak of a way they are corrupting these ancient artifacts.
“What Kind of army will these dark artifacts arm?”

After we cleared the room we learned that Horgus had done dealings with Annevia’s wife selling a sword of her’s for a potion of gender change. and that it was ment for Annevia.
I wonder “About that wall we had passed when we had first entered and the temple. Are these locations close enough, for the Mongrel-men good to the light, to take as their own. A footing for this coming war.”

Johildi's War Journal (2)
Entry 2: Obituary

The past few days have been trying. The fresh confidence of a young man out of training has been replaced with the doubt of a young man who has finally seen battle. Twice in the last few days I have come close to breathing my last, and I am beginning to realize that these writings might be an obituary for all of us, instead of the war journal it was meant to be.

It is in this spirit I have decided to write of my companions, an introduction that will last here in these pages if tomorrow becomes our final day.

I have found my self thrown in with 6 others as we trek through the deep. I shall build upon my knowledge of them as we fight side by side, but I will take a moment to outline each one briefly here.

Kaladin- Claims he is related to Terendelev in some fashion. A quite capable warrior who can change his hands into claws. Seems to be versed in some sort of arcane tradition. By far the most skilled of us in war. His temper concerns me, but he’s shown himself to be a quite capable companion so far.

Lief- A fellow paladin dedicated to Iomadae. Willing to stand side by side with me as the first line of light against the darkness. His faith echos my own, and reminds me that I am not the only beacon of light in the darkness below.

Pavonna- A tiefling who is also versed in arcane knowledge in some way. She bears watching, but has kept her intentions thus far secret.

Ayumi- A kitsune (some sort of bipedal fox/humanoid hybrid, akin to a lycanthrope from what i understand). She is preoccupied with shinies, which has already led to some trouble. She eyes the wealthy noble Horgus as if she’s sizing up a mark. Her skills will come in handy, but i’ll keep a closer eye on my coin purse when she’s near.

Horgus Gwerm- A self serving wealthy noble who has promised us aid in our battle against the demons when we get him to the surface. Possibly the weakest member of our troupe in battle, but the most useful when it comes to the ongoing war. If only he were more pleasant to get along with.

Annevia Tirabade- A human scout who was hobbled during the fall. Seems a well meaning sort, although she has a desire to take the lead in situations. I have learned very little of her past, but I am curious to find out more.

Aravashnial- A riftwarden who was blinded during the fall. Has been summoning creatures to assist us in our battles. He seems the curious sort, and can throw caution to the wind when prying for knowledge.

We awoke in a temple to Torag, and were set upon by a few creatures that resembled a many-eyed-flying-squid. We were bruised, but not broken from the fight, and pressed on. It is here that I made a mistake. I allowed my pride to get ahead of me and walked us directly into an ambush. A dwarf blasted us with a lightning spell, Most of our party went down, including myself. It was my error, my hubris, that lead to this. I only hope to learn from these mistakes. Fortunately the dwarf was driven off by Ayumi and Pavonna, allowing them to revive the group and move forward.

It wsa after this encounter that things really took a turn for the strange. We met a couple of mongrel-men trying to rescue a friend from under some rubble. After assisting we were brought back to their camp and told their story. After the first crusade, their ancestors started having children with major birth defects. People of the time considered them demon-touched, when they were actually just cursed. Their forbears decided to strike out underground and make a life for themselves there. The village we have come across has aligned itself against the demonic forces that are threatening us all. Their leader, (to be added and edited when i remember wtf his name is), is a wise and caring man. He offered our party rest, and aid, for rescuing a member of his village. What’s more, a broach we had found right after our fall turned out to be a gift to his dead son! Unfortunately his son had passed, but at least he can rest easier knowing what truly happened instead of being left to wonder. Unfortunately the kitsune who held the broach refused to return it without charging an inflated price. It seems to have cooled some of the favor we received when we arrived, and raised my ire considerably towards Ayumi. She has put her desires above that of her party, and it makes her a possible threat to our well being. Hopefully I can lead her away from such a destructive path, and remind her that the benefit of the group is the benefit of us all. What good is gold if she’s dead?

Unfortunately, we have also learned that the mark of persecution has led other mongrel-men into the arms of the demon lords. I was saddened greatly to hear this news, as I know that it was the actions of my own ancestors that caused men to raise such a banner. Mongrels or no, they are potential allies against the world-wound. Now we must fight our way to the surface, through one of these demon worshiping mongrel clans.

Our first encounter with them has been trying, but hopefully we will be able to persevere.

In the name of the light of Saranrae, may we be blessed and granted favor.

Kaladin's Memories. 2

Setting out from the temple we came to a large alcove with historic carvings along the wall. everyone seamed very interested in them as I continued moving toward the exit.
“These carvings I do not think will help me kill demons or find the surface. "
When the room suddenly went dark and beasts set upon me i ripped it to the ground and dug my claw into it. after establishing light Johildi lead the way into the next room when lighting suddenly struck me to the ground.
When I awoke, I found the party had been badly beaten by a dwarf mage before chasing him away. we needed days to rest up.
with cation we continued into the caves. “I had been to foolish to trust so much in my strength” in another large alcove we found mongrelmen “men with parts of demons and beasts for arms or faces.” they spoke of ancient crusades and justice. We helped save their trapped friend and followed them to their village.
The brioche me and Johildi found back with the roaches had belonged to the chiefs son. unfortunately we had given it to the fox girl who insisted on getting payment for the return of the family heirloom.
With guidance from the chief and his blessing we learned of the way to the surface. They wish to fight alongside their brothers from above against this new demon horde.
He sent me with his ancient morning star to crush the corrupted mongrelmen clans

As we Blind charged the fortifications baring our way. i crushed the heads of many fiends before entering there main chamber. where we were surrounded and out numbered. i lost consciousness again after felling the one that seamed to be their leader.
“I must learn to better protect myself. Maybe Johildi can help me in this regard.?”

Many People, So Dark, No Light ( Ayumi's Haiku)

Stuck underground with humans and another daemon looking woman… I never seen her kind in Tien Xie. I enjoy the paladins sense of justice with leading, but I’m more interested in infomation. Walking in the darkness, my senses are alarmed but sadly I am not trained enough to react, I am embarrassed for my clan, but alas i must train. Regardless, we found people, called mongrelmen and I thought the Nagaji was ugly. They seem friendly enough, apparently they were very interested in the brooch i found which i where proudly since i noticed its beauty. Turns out it belong to the leaders dead son, he wanted it back, but as i am trained in the ninja way, i found something of a value and i found it, i wanted payment. I sold it to him, he wasn’t happy and either was my party i got stuck with, but neither the less i got payment. Hopefully we get to the surface, this dark cave isn’t doing my fur any justice.

Kaladin's Memories.

I came to this town to prove myself worthy of joining the crusades. ( to get paid to kill demons. What could be better.)

But just as the festival was getting underway a demon horde descended on the city. the near by ward stone having been destroyed there was only Terendelev standing between the horde and the world. I wish i could have spoken with my great ancestor now that my only happen through prayer. For as She battled against the horde a demon Lord slew her. As a rift opened beneath the square she used the last strength she had left to save me and a slue of warriors from a fall into the darkness beneath us. While our fall slowed we watched in horror as the rift closed above us. I awoke in a cavern surrounded by darkness and strangers. When the group came to light was provided, and I found 5 Blessed Scales of Terendelev. 2 were retrieved by others and in fear of them being corrupted I tried to persuade them to let me care for them. When arguments broke out we discovered one of the fallen here with us was a rift warden. He agreed to care for them and no one could dispute him. After slaying maggots that had filled a giant spider in the center of the room. I noticed some the skill in the Kits-uni. starting our search for escape from these cursed tunnels me and Johildi fought side by side against vermin Though seaming to lack in more distinguished sword skill he proved to have a defense to rival masters. and tactical experience as well he distracted all the vermin of these caves while I slew them. We decided to rest after I killed a large snake. The fox girl had asked me to remove one of its poison sacks for her. and I ceremonially harvested the rest of it for later use.

After a time traveling down the dark cave we came to a shrine in a lit alcove. it seamed more a tome then a shrine as we faced a undead dwarf at its alter. Now we rest.

Johildi's War Journal
Entry 1: Fall into darkness

Tonight was a night meant for celebration. I was meant to feast and drink before I set out as part of the fifth crusade against the demons that plague this world. I have trained my whole life for this day, and found myself wholly unprepared for it.

I just spent the last eight hours consecrating a shrine to Torag, somewhere far beneath the embattled city of Kenebras. Somehow the wards have fallen. As I write this sentence I am overcome with a sense of dread. Those great works of magic that have served us so well in the past are no longer in place. They no longer keep the horrors of the Abyss at bay. Innocent men can no longer rest easy at night. I witnessed our greatest ally, Terendelev fall in battle to Balor. With the last ounce of her strength, she saved me and my motley companions from certain death. We awoke in a dark cavern, located I know not where.

As I write this, I am finally able to take stock of what has transpired this day, and what I have written above shakes me to my core. I find that I am hit with a bout of despair, and not even my dedication to the light that is Saranrae seems to be able to light this darkness. Terendelev is dead, and Kenebras has most likely fallen. It is not easier to write those two facts a second time. I have never been as frightened of the future of this world as I am now. I must reach the surface, and find the rest of my order. I must join the counter offensive that is no doubt mounting to combat this threat.

The only good that has come from this is the seemingly capable companions fate has thrust upon me. I know very little about them, except that for the time being we have the same motivations, survival. Should I survive until the morrow, I will elaborate more upon them. However exhaustion takes hold of me now, and I must sleep.

Wrath of the Righteous campaign
Session 1

Our heroes were attending the opening of the festival of Armasse in the city of Kenabres when a surprise demonic attack, led by none other than Khorammzadeh the “Storm King” [[http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Khorramzadeh]] Unlike his previous attempt to destory the Wardstones, this attack was acomplete sucess, and though the great dragon Terendelev (who had fought the Balor to a standstill and forced him to retreat before) rose once more to fight him, this time the Balor was triumphant. With the last vestiges of her strength, the ancient dragon saved the lives of our heroes. who were swallowed up by the ground only to awake in the cave system deep underneath the city. There they found potential allies in fellow survivors Annevia Tirabade, a human scout/rogue; Aravashnial, an elven riftwarden; and Horgus Gwerm…a disgruntled member of the Kenabres nobility. Whether by accident or the influenc e of the demons rampaging above, the caverns proved to be infested with vermin, but the adventurers found a temporary sanctuary in an abandoned temple once dedicated to Torag, god of the dwarves. After vanquishing the hecuva haunting the temple, and reconsecrating the altar, our heroes settled down to an uneasy rest..for if things were this bad down here, what horrors must be occurring in the city above?

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