Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

Journal Entry 2/24/15

After regrouping, Johilidi had moral somewhat under control, and his scouts said we can go and secure around dresden! The other two scouts and I was chosen to do some inflitrating, they showed me the map and asked me where I wanted to scout, I chose the cementary because I thought I could find some “loose” shinies! The two scouts looked shocked but was happy to give me the cementary. After sneaking around i notices ghouls… and a whole lot of them. I quickly try to leave and noticed a shadowy figure leave a crypt and float around the cementary. When we regrouped we learned that Southbank is a troop area, there is a bridge leading to Dresden and heavily guarded. We decided to go and infiltrate the centenary and use it as a stage. We head over there and the cleric pretty much parades around gathering all the ghouls to our area, we went into the attack! Kaladin and everyone went for the attack but we noticed one ghoul in particular wearing tattered clothes and holding a rusty razor. He must be the leader, I go invisbale and stabbed him in the shoulder blades, his body contorted to take a look at me and hissed. Vaan made his way to wear I am and finished him off, as the ghouls were dropping, the shadow figure I saw earlier came, and it started attacking the cleric. The ghouls around the magic casters made them paralyzed… I’m seeing a trend with our past adventures.. and a ghoul just ripped out the throat of the wizard!! The cleric noticed and the dog transported him to the wizard just in time, Thank Daikitsu I thought as I don’t want another member of the team to die. As we killed the remaining ghouls the shadow figure went back into the crypt! Kaladin like the hasty barbarian he is rushed after the shadow figure, Vaan shortly after and I. After we made it to the opening of the crypt we found the real body of the demon! Kaladin goes and grapples with it, and the demon starts flapping it wings, Vaan and I was thinking the same thing and Vaan started attacking it wings.. by attempting to turn into swiss cheese? I sighed as I moved closer and thought I need to bring this thing down… I am gonna do something different… I jumped and latched on to his wings. We dropped and i had the reflex enough to jump over the demon and used Kaladins face as a landing pad as we crashed down. The demon is down, I went and attacked the weakest point and mangaged to kill him. I yipped in excitement and I bounced around, Kaladin was giving me a glare, but it was no matter to me. We searched the crypt and I saw SO MANY SHINIES! As I try to slip one, Johilidi noticed me… damn goody paladin… I put the shinies back shedding a single tear. Atrix noticed a untouched tomb and it turns out to be a tomb of a powerful wizard. We rest and the next adventure we will see if Atrix can get the tomb open.

Journal Entry 2/16/15

After a rest and following up with the events that transpired, Johilidi stayed with the troops and is helping with moral. The others and I decided to continue onto the path and clear it up. A scout came to us reporting that there was a swarm of demon bugs that eat anything in there path and there is no way the troops can get through that! She recommended we go and kill the queen which she says hides in a cave nearby, her death will disperse the bugs. I immediately recommend that I go and infiltrate the cave, the others disgreed with me saying that it’s not smart to go in by myself. After some talking we all decided to go together. We made it to the cave, and there was three paths, I said I wanted to sneak around to see what was in the path, but I cannot see in pure darkness, Kaladin and I got into arguing where we should go, and the stupid barbarian couldn’t keep his voice down. His loud screaming got bugs to come to where we were. I never seen these bugs, the wizard and magus seemed to know what they were dealing with, so I’m just gonna do what I do best and try to kill as many as possible. The magus summons a giant fireball which seemed to do nothing. The bugs started to attack and threw up this nasty foul liquid on Atrix, I looked at him and noticed he had bloodlust in his eyes… at me? I quickly move to the side of the magus, hoping maybe he had a spell to fix whatever made him crazy. Atrix actually tried to attack me and succeeded?! He cast something that made me paralyzed!? I actually got scared, I’m frozen and the wizard is attacking me, but I noticed the wizard getting closer to me, my heart is jumping out of my chest. I can’t do anything, but I noticed the magus actually hitting the wizard! I’m glad someone had my back, it seems the blow from Vaan, knocked some sense into the wizard, as he shakes his head. I’m contiuned to be paralyzed and then I felt my body come back to normal, but the battle has ended. I went to the wizard and demanded a apologie, he shrugged it off and said it wasn’t his fault… filthy magic user… he could at least said sorry. As we walked the path we finally made it to a room, a rather large room, and there was a glowly item near the far back, but our gaze was quickly attracted to the large disgusting insect in front of us… we found the queen! She jumps into the air, and my first reaction is to jump up there and smack her. I jumped high and slashed the area near her wing, she made a gross noise as I nimbly fall back down. Kaladin is wanting to go bring her down, but he is so clumsy, there is no way he could jump that high. Atrix in the corner was grinning ear to ear when I heard him say he wanted to always do this and manages to cast a enlarge spell on Kaladin. I knew Kaladin got a little power crazy when he grappled the ugly beast. I managed to walk my way over there and stab her a few more times but Kaladin took the beast apart due to his mouth attack. “hmmm his big mouth is useful after all”, I thought to myself. I chuckled and then we went our way to the glowy item, the celestial dog had his hunches up and growling up a storm. I sensed very bad ki here, Kaladin and the dog walk up to what looks like a portal, I was unable to see anything but what I heard from Kaladin screaming and attacking I knew something was up! After a moments notice I became paralyzed again " getting real sick of this paralyzing me shit" I thought to myself. Vaan picks me up and runs, these adversarys are too tough… we need to regroup and see what we are dealing with, but I now have a new found respect for Vaan, he saved me twice, I will return the favor!

A Mind to Keep
Kaladin's Fear

After clearing the occult and sanctifying the area. We met back up with the army. We had lost 20 men. but saved 10 surviving able bodied Paladins.

Word of a member of the army being seen acting strange and dealing with people on the out skirts of camp was found to be. A demon drugged rouge some one stashed Shadowblood in his bag and he succumbed to the addiction. Johildi ruled he will be watched under lock and key but did not foresee the man escaping. Now we are no closer to finding who is truly with us or not.

And those who are not for us are already among us.
An Incubis attempted to sway my mind. As he lured me to the edge of camp he tried twisting my brain so I would doubt the commanders and Johildi.
Luckily I saw him for what he was before his enchantment took hold. And being unable to chase him into the sky i drew bow and set arrows to fly. if only i could chase them on those terms so there would be no where they could hide. The Bloody Demon ran off as camp arrived.

Again they reach for my mind. always for my mind. Since that fated day when the ritual of that occult failed to subdue me, they have tried to sway my mind.
They will never fight me in battle i can feel it. they fear me. but what if their enchantments were to take hold and this strength were turned on my friends it could be the very undoing of the crusade….

Journal Entry 2/4/2015

After attempting to destroy a giant demon it managed to get away, Ayumi and the group went to restock and rest. The rest of the group was catching up, Ayumi was investigating the closed rooms. She found a strange coin, gold, and some weapons, as she was trying to drag her loot back to the group the paladin was very adamant about what she found. She wasn’t able to out speak the paladin and ended up sharing her hard earned loot. The group headed back to camp when we learned of mutiny in the army that was with us. Ayumi went to follow a rogue, Paladin and the bloodrager was interrogating, the magic users were trading spells. After a long sneak Ayumi noticed that the rogue was drinking a potion of some sort. She headed back to the group and told the Paladin what she found, we brought the rogue to be questioned and after some back and forth banter the rogue admitted to drinking Shadowblood, which is a substance made from the blood of a demon, as the captian attempted to arrest the rogue, he vanished.

The Dawn of Change
Kaladins charge.

The time of morning is over. Leif is dead and the news is soon to spread, Ajumi destroyed the ward stone and the Crusade is on the move with Johildi at its lead.

After taking back the city we are geared and promoted from strays chosen by fate into the leaders of the Crusades first counter strike.

The first night of the crusade a demon tried to assassinate Johildi. As I entered the command tent. I moved acrossed the floor to the beast faster then i had ever moved before. I felt power. almost like that of the ward stone pulse in me when i moved. Me and Johildi did not have time to speak about such things.

As the march followed the river scouts brought us reports of a cult movements that a small party could sneak upon while the man force took the village. so we set out to do what we do best. Kill the corruption in this land.
as we set upon the cult we destroyed gargoyles and daemons, till a big and nasty one appeared. by the time I finished the smaller demon the large one had paralyzed everone but me, Johildi, Ajumi, and that half-ling’s dog. the demon fled from us to the roof.
and though we followed and rained arrows and light upon him he eventually fled from us. I anguish at my own weakness. for it was my hand that failed the killing blow.

I am thankful to the hound for johildi’s soul was almost snuffed out by the demon. but now we rest and prepare to meet back with the army for next step.

Johildi's war Journal (6)
Entry: 6 Nightmares

We all deal with what we have found here differently. Lief seems to be focused on his new mission as wielder of Radiance. Kaladin continues to focus upon his rage. Ayumi cloaks herself in the very darkness that besets us on each side, and Pavlana has started to let her mask slip. My companions are starting to show visable signs of exhaustion and stress, those brought on by the world we now live in. As for myself, I have been unable to sleep. I am plagued by nightmares each time I close my eyes. The dream is always the same, or near as. I am running down the streets, they are empty. Sometimes one or all of my companions are at my side. We are running in fear. Shadows creep towards us, a darkness that seems to be sentient, pursuing us as we run in fear. Our destination is an inn, or a tavern. Untouched by the terror around it. We smell fresh baked bread, and roasting fowl as we approach. The sounds of tavern singers and laughter greet us from a distance. Bright, safe light pours through the windows into the street. We get closer and closer to our goal, fighting for every inch on our pursuers. When finally we know we will make it, we will enter the threshold to this sanctuary and laugh in relief. But each time, each night, right before I awake. A man, dressed entirely in red, looks out at us while he’s laughing at some unheard story or joke. He sees us, he knows we are running for our lives. And he shuts the door in our face. I have awoken night after night, multiple times, from this same sequence of events… and tonight will be no different.

We have also picked up a new companion, named Lorelei. A powerful sorceress who has survived in this hell while we were down below. We helped her escape a dangerous situation, and she has decided to stick with us. With all we have been through, it felt like wonderful news when she decided to join our fellowship. Every sword arm and spellbook will be needed before this is over with.

Today we have taken one of the safehouses, and liberated a few weapons from the darkness. We have a new companion to aid us, and Lief should return from his quick side venture with the clerics to Iomedae. We shall set off together for the next safe house soon. May Saranrae continue to shine her favor upon us. If only she could send some of that light into my dreams…

Kaladin Steels his Resolve.
Thoughts threw the ambush fight and down into the cellar.

Today we set out to find these “Safe Houses.” And I Will show them how safe they are. Coming upon the ruins of a building. Ajumi and Pavlanna went to scout then plan an ambush. Johildi and I banged loudly on the door as our cue, then smashed in with vengience and terror As Johildi Charged the Ovbiously currupted priest
I crushed men at the door before they could run but one escaped me how could I be so careless. Ajumi showed us she can jump. But she showed hesitation when the moment came to strike.
There were stairs leading to the truth which called for the light.

Descending into the cellar there was a spirit and men that were no longer men. .
And a Teifling one shrouded in darkness, or so I thought when I started to believe him when he called me friend. and needed to stop him from dying. I fought Johildy and knocked out the (sorceress).
Before fox stopped the cursed spell.

I Am disturbed by these things that keep happening to me. the demons plan to take over our world by trying to open the rifts further. and i succumb to their games like a child
today a man twisted my mind, made me second guess Johildi… i ask the spirits for his forgiveness. once the Teifling died my mind became my own I saw how weak I was
Ancestors give me strength. this magic morning star which was given to me was just the first item I have been blessed with. This new cloak of resistance leads me to believe that all of these are gifts.to help me on my journey this amulet which makes my skin harden, wearing it makes me feel my blood turn within me, I feel something coming I must ready myself. I must not fall to these games of the mind. Terendelev’s body must be retrieved. Her spirit demands it. But that is far from where we are right now. I Can not even hold onto my mind when I face a pinon of this order we have stumbled into.

“Ancesters , Terendelev, bless us. grant us the power to save this world.”

Johildi's War Journal (5)
Entry 5: Points of Light

The streets crawl with demons, and men have lost faith. No longer does the light shine over this fair city, justice is nowhere to be found. Crusaders, warriors, children, it doesn’t matter; the forces of darkness are picking them apart in the street. We have successfully returned Anivia to her home, where she was ambushed. We were able to thwart the attempt, but her wife was nowhere to be found. Her home was burned to the ground in the ambush, but we were able to get everyone to safety.

We then headed back into the streets, where we stumbled upon the Inn known as Defender’s Heart. It has become an outpost for the rift wardens and we were able to resupply. Anivia was finally reunited with her wife, and we have learned of the true extent of the damage to the wards in the city. It seems the entire network is disrupted or damaged in some way. The news has come as a blow to us all. Defender’s Heart serves as one of the points of light in the city, attempting to keep the darkness at bay. With it I hope we can mount a counter offensive to retake the city.

In the morning we shall decide a plan of action. I believe the best course is to seek out these safe houses and arm ourselves against the darkness, or at least deprive them of the weapons. I should be able to convince my companions of this point, and hopefully we will be victorious.

Johildi's War Journal (4)
Entry 4: Breaking Through

After days of wandering aimlessly through the underground, we have finally broken through to the city once again. I knew it would be bad, but nothing prepared me for what waited for us above. Kanabrae is in ruins. Demons have taken over the city, and run rampant. They break apart any group of people they can find, torturing and murdering them at will. They are used as disposable pieces of entertainment.

We were able to rescue a young woman from the clutches of the town guard, overcome with hysteria. They were attempting to use her in a ritual to protect them from the demons that are invading, an old wives tale that would have left her dead and them no better off. Fortunately Kaladin was able to cow them into reason. We have since brought them to (i’m bad with names) mansion to hide from the chaos around. Fortunately he was true to his word and has paid each of us a hansom sum, one which we may never be able to use.

After establishing his home as a base of operations, we set out to retake a library used by the rift wardens. Inside were a few librarians being tortured by a cavalier looking to impress the demons therin. He was hoping to join what he saw as the stronger side, to save his own cowardly skin. I offered him a chance to redeem himself, and Lief offered him true justice. Hopefully his soul finds true rest.

Now we are faced with a difficult task. We must form a resistance, or join one already there. We must retake the city, or find a way to do so. Our lives depend on it.

Pavlannas Musings
Will and Morality

This is what I have trained for. All my life I have known the demons, cults, and evil. I have always known the day would come to test myself. My skills, my wits, my resilience, and my will. But not like this. Never was it to be like this. To emerge from the broken ground to see the ruin and waste laid out before me… nothing could have prepared me for this. Our greatest defender is gone. Our own troops are resorting to blasphemy, and even turning coat to aid our enemies. I have been sheltered. Even in my learnings and early missions I have been sheltered to what evil truly means. I was kept from the front lines of the previous two crusades, and never saw the real cost they brought. The last days underground let me keep from focusing too much on the reality we now see.

Should I have saved those people in the square? Could I have saved them? Or would i have been struck down myself. I may put on a brave, competent face. But in the shock of all this I am shaken to my soul. Do I have what it takes to face the struggle ahead? I wear this amulet to fool my enemies. But can I resist the corruption it signifies? It sings to some hidden part of my lineage deep inside.


Yes I can. I love the beauty of the world. The very beauty this invasion threatens to destroy. I will fight them to my last breath. I would sooner ask the paladins to strike me down than give in. It will be difficult. With every lie I speak, with every demon I fool, with every death I have to allow for the greater good, I walk that fine line. That oh so tiny, precarious precipice. But I will not fall. I will dance, flip, and taunt the line, and I will not fall. By Desna’s luck and grace, I will not fall.


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