Tiefling, Inquisitor, CG.


A tiefling of succubus origin.

Born shortly after the first crusade, raised to be an agent that infiltrates enemy ranks both demonic and cultist. Following Arshea in her personal life, she loves the beauty in the world, celebrating love and passion. In time of strife and battle she calls upon Desna to bring her luck, and help her travel the fine line of her morality and actions.

Relying on her wits to deceive and fool her enemies, she attacks groups from the inside, and individuals from behind.

Sometimes questions the morality of her own actions and keeps a personal journal in pictographic code so she can review and ponder her reasonings and keep herself from falling from that oh-so thin line she walks.

Wears very neutral clothes that can fit in almost anywhere, though they are always well fitted to show off her form.


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