Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

Strange feelings of Deja-vu

This whole ordeal is getting really weird! after our victory on the bridge and almost losing Johildi to the Chimera then meeting up with a bunch of gargoyles and other stupid demon things we all somehow managed to make our way into the citadel….. It all started so well! As soon as we got inside the doors slammed shut and arrows rained down on us…. aaannndd they missed! seriously youd think these guys would take this more seriously. anyways as the fighting began we got blasted in the face with a giant fireball…. as much as i love being lit on fire that was waaaaay too close for comfort.

i noticed kaladin run off in the direction of the fireball annndd he’s gone… right through the ground followed by a taunting laugh….. damn it there goes half our strength… right afterwards ayumi jumped into the room towards the caster but she too went down…. from what i managed to glimpse she didnt fall all the way down and eventually jumped her way back out. meanwhile we’re still up here dealing with the archers which started throwing bottles of shit at us! okay not really shit but green slime which is considerably worse! bastards! one of them managed to hit me and boy that stuff is EVERYWHERE! i stuck my hands into one of the gaps they were throwing from and blew fire right into the room only to be met with laughter from the teethlings on the otherside…

it was at that moment that i vowed to make one burn to death in irony! as the fighting continued the magic dog took me Kamilo and our cleric and poofed us over into the room with the bottle throwing assholes! i looked around and laughed until i saw a familiar sight…. an alchemist… like the one that took Leaf from us almost a month ago…. the fighting began and i cleaned myself of the slime almost immediately and positioned myself for a lightning bolt annnnnd i missed most of them…. managed to hit one of the now known rogues…. dicks… i turned my attention to the alchemist and began to focus on just him. At some point in the fight i looked to my left and was surprised then amused to notice a familiar fox face poke its tiny little head out of the whole the rogues were shooting from. i looked up and laughed as i threatened that they were all gonna die now! i moved up a little and laughed as i blasted the alchemist straight into the ceiling and watched him slam right back down! that was HILARIOUS!

Kamilo managed to finish him off with her arrows. i turn my attention to the rogues still next to me and with the help of Ayumi managed to kill both of them… leaving one as a frozen statue…. jerk… avoid my lightning bolt now dick…. the other two rogues decided now was the time to run and managed to get out. we gave chase right after we looted the bodies and got some more supplies. decided i should probably keep some of these potions for myself. After shortly regrouping with everyone we decided the best thing to do would be to chase after the escapees and make sure nothing else is hiding around. We all continued down a long corridor that led to a set of doors that we sent Ayumi to peek through. She came back to inform us of the six soldiers that were torturing what looked to be the two rogues that ran off before. They mustve died cause it got quiet shortly afterwards. we decide its best to just run in there and take them by surprised but a certain fox ninja forgot to close the damn door!!! HOW THE HELL DO YOU FORGET TO CLOSE THE DOOR!? Needless to say they heard us coming so we just went head first and started taking them on….. Apparently that was a mistake cause as soon as Kaladin got in and attacked they revealed themselves to be some ugly vulture creature things…. ugly as hell! They mustve pulled some weird trick on Kaladin too cause he started acting weird and started attacking Johildi right afterwards. the fighting continued and the more i looked around the more i get this weird feeling of deja-vu….. Once the fighting ended i used my scroll of dispell on Kaladin and brought him back under his senses…. thankfully… none of us wanted to fight that…..



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