Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

Reach For The Skys

Today we awoke with a single purpose, to retake Dresden. I can feel Terendelev’s spirit Pushing us forward.

After scouting reports lead to the decision of taking and sanctifying the grave yard as a main staging ground for our assault. I could not agree more, with the restless put to rest nature will be by our side.

As we came upon the yard the ghouls started to stir just as Ajumi said. As planned the cleric road his dog through the field luring all the foul creatures together to purify them at once with Light. but that was as far as today’s first plans went. the ghouls were stronger then they should have been. some Greater evil was residing here the clerics pulsing light did not dismember the undead as hoped. As Atrix stepped forward to throw spells he did not foresee them to withstand his magic so easily. I saw the Ghoul Caller with his blade hiding in the back, with eyes to Ajimi she disappeared. And i went to slow the horde from devouring Atrix.
But even I under estimated their strength. the first ghoul to reach me took ever hit i had in me and only then did i see he was have hill giant. forcing me to rage as he grappled me. As Atrix had to back away from the swarm of ghouls headed our way he had the sense to bless me with strength to overcome the beast.

Smashing clawing biting smashing.
I lost myself in the fight till I finished crushing the last ghoul in front of me. looking up just in time to watch Atrix, Paralyzed get his neck ripped out by the ghoul.
Before i could even move the Cleric was there thanks to the work of his dog.

I let Atrix down. this is not the first time he has trusted placing his magic in me to fight with. if not for the strength he has loaned me we might not have made it through the trials we have faced. and I expect there to be many more times I will rely on his strength.

But the fight was not over yet.
A ghostly image had tried to kill the cleric and as i charged it i surged my arcane strike with ghost touch so that even the spirits will know they can not hide from Terendelev’s Fury. But as the creature saw me he fled back into his crypt, I will not let another demon escape me. as i rounded the corner the beast was also emerging from inside. It was its real body it was readying itself to flee to the sky like others before it. As i charged it and started to attack i realized i must grab on or I’m going to lose him. So dropping my weapons I latched claws first around the monster. but with its wings it carried both of us.
Knowing nothing but rage i crushed and bit every piece of it i could when over his shoulder between the flapping of wings i saw her Come to help flying through the air as if with wings herself came Ajumi grabbing the demons wings. all three of us plummeted to the earth on impact Ajumi was able to leap from the demon while also using my head as a launch pad to get away from the flying ruble. No worries though we got the demon and the taking of the Grave yard is a victory.

Inside the crypt Atrix has found the grave of an archmage. who’s crypt holds magic that lies in wait for some one strong enough to take it. Atrix believes himself to be. I am unsure of the endeavor but i will not fail him again if Atrix needs my strength i will be there for him.



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