Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

Journal Entry 1 2/23/15 - Atrix

Dear journal,

Ive recently decided to start keeping track of all the crazy nonsense we’ve been getting into lately considering that, well i may die in a bright blaze of painful glory! hopefully not….. preferably not…. As much as id like to finally blow stuff up i’d prefer that not be me! Anywho back to the original reason for this. The events that led up to finding this great and powerful crypt were pretty…. uuhhh…. Deadly…. like… literally….. pretty sure i died at some point. First thing i remember was going to this crazy graveyard under orders to take that as our first vantage point for the imminent assault. As soon as we get there all i smell is death and crap and mixtures of both all around us…. Would much rather lick the magic dog thats accompanying our cleric repeatedly than to be there smelling those disturbing smells. As soon as we get there Those two run off around the whole graveyard which in turn caused a horde of ghouls to appear. They came from both sides and all i thought was “easy kill!”…. or they would be if my first attack did anything useful….. Boy was i mistaken….. The ghouls did not enjoy me trying to pick them off one by one ahead of everyone else…. i admit not one of my brightest moments but hey theyre weak. Got surrounded almost immidietly afterwards by a few ghouls. Luckily Kaladin managed to come up from behind and keep a good chunk of them off me. Right when he showed up decided to do the smart thing and power him up to be and even stronger power house of claws and scales! As the battle continues and things progress a bit ive taken quite the beating i was paralyzed and just when things couldnt get worse i was ripped apart by a ghoul! Boy that was an experience…. technically i should be dead… if it wasnt for our cleric im pretty sure id be not here putting this together…. When i awakened all i remember was every cleaning things up chasing some sort of creature around….. looked like it was getting wrecked. all i know is we mustve won cause after me and the cleric patched ourselves up and made our way over the creature was laying down almost unrecognizable. Damn….. it got wrecked….. I was just glad it was gone… one less thing i had to almost die to…. again…. Im seeing a terrible pattern here… Once we were inside the crypt we all started looking around and boy what i sensed in there was fantastimagical! i was practically drooling all over the place…. no wait… pretty sure i was drooling…. but seriously… all those great and magical feelings all over the room! gaaaaah it was just so great! i couldnt help myself and almost went straight to the source of the magic…. if it wasnt for Johild i just might have and boy… things were not gonna be pretty…. Pretty sure id set a record for fastest way to clear a party out or something…. Decided waiting around a little bit and mentally prepare myself for the situation would be better….. Im not gonna be holding out for this thing. whatever is in there will be mine and boy it better be worth it….. Should be interesting….. and hopfully i dont die…. again….. This should be fun……………



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