Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

Battle Report

We Secured the bridge with precision and expertise. Ajumi never ceases to amaze as she leaped into the air. My dragon blood boiled to fly but all I could do was hold close Terendelev’s scale blessing me with levitation. a sad Attempt to fly.

After a ride to the north bridge we Destroyed it before the Enemy could react. With the north bridge destroyed and the grave yard Sanctified there was nothing to stop the well trained formations of the paladins from cleaving through Southbank.

As We lead the army toward the city, siege weapons threatened to tear the men to shreds. we set our sights on destroying the weapons. Me and Atrix charged the south tower. With my strength and increased size I tossed aside the foot solders giving Atrix a path to the device he set the weapon aflame.

Like a beacon A grand demonic beast was called to the flame and to our challenge of war.
With three heads and Huge eagle like wings it came upon us focusing Johildi as if it knew that he lead us. Johildi was able to keep himself together just long enough for the rest of us to take it down.

And now standing atop their cursed beast we stair into the heart of Dresdin. We must find the banner and reset it.



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