Wrath of the Righteous Event Horizon

The chance to prove myself

barbarian raiders have been attacking traders to the east. also word of a warrior weilding a black blade have come from the survivors. the description seams too similar to Van not to investigate.

as we made our way to the barbarian tribe to negotiate trades and peace we were ambushed by demons drakes and sucubi.
after slaying them all and saving the cleric from near fatal fall. we finally arrived at our destination.

As we approached we noticed that the people seamed more afraid of their own leaders then they were of us or the world wound at there door step.

only under the right of challenge from Johildi were we giiven entry into the camp.

after entering the throne room it was obvious that it was made more as a housing for the Ice drake familiar of the leader then as a throne room. Then after a very short failed negotiations the challenge was made. and johilidi chose me as his right hand.
just as this was happening Aijumi disappeared to the roof where she seamed to fight a skilled enemy based on her movements. It became obvious that johildi would win when the leader comanded his men to kill our allies in the antechamber. with more men pouring in against us I was almost knocked unconscious when the sorcerer blew a whole in the wall. i was able to Dimensional hop threw it to safety and Ajumi came back just in time to help Johildi finish the leader.

A New Day Dawns.

I Come Bearing the Word of Desna. She has seen the plight of man here in this realm and sends aid.
A Sense of wonder is needed when dealing in all things or else even the good fight will tear at a mans soul.
But even as the Demons come here so must we there. or the fight is a losing one.

For these reasons Desna chose me to assist Johildi And Aijumi in the head strike force of the army.

And so or first mission was given to us.

Find the Lost Cleric.
The man Had more steadily lost his faith and traveled off into the wilderness to deface a monument of his god. All under the influence of a Demon possessing him. after Ajiumi secured the Cleric I trapped the demon with dimensional anchor. Even after turning invisible and failing to posses me, it seceded on possessing the rouge. but thanks to my anchor i was able to save her buy Dimensional Hoping the demon out of her.

After vanquishing the retched creature, i was able to Atone the Cleric of his Transgressions against his god and himself. After which we were blessed buy their patron saint with his holy relics.

The city is ours

The forge has been cleansed and the banner stands. the city is ours but this is only the beginning. Van still has not been found and demons still lurk around the the country side. With Johildi’s blessing i have made for Aijumi a belt of perfect dexterity now her already amazing skills and mobility is accented by her feelings that any sort of armor is now an encumbrance. Though i agree with accenting our strangths is good I do not believe i should also put all i have toward just one thing there are to many problems on the horizon for just strength to be my answer. i must get back to my roots. and learn more of my dragon blood. i will be crafting in this down time to assist as best i can when these hands are not needed to crush demons.

We have desided to take another look at the crypt and believe we are ready to unlock its secrets.

Into the depths in search of light

Now we set our sights on the dungeon, for in its depths is their demon forge And somewhere lies the sword of valor.

As we started down into the depths with the soft playing music (of our favorite scared for her life new bard) keeping the maddening whispers at bay. the ghosts of those whispers were not happy to be kept back so they came looking for us. as they slid in and out of walls and us trying to sap our strength i changed my arcane strike as to not waist my strength on attacks that might go right through my enemy. though Aijumi lost some strength we were able to restore it with a potion.

As we entered into the next occupied room there were 2 demons covered in blood. thats when everything went dark. not that the darkness was a the problem so much as the whisper that came to me in the darkness. my mind slipped and i lost control of my own body as i was commanded to attack my own allies. As i tried to control myself i tore into Aijumi leaving her bloodied but not unconscious. before i regained control. then i let my rage flow turning back at my enemies i crushed them beneath my claws in anger. i refuse to be controlled by my enemies i will not be a pawn of the dark. i will find a way to stand.

It is Done.

Now the head has been removed from the snake. The city is ours and Pavanna’s head sits on a pike. He hid behind his demons and his bugs. but they could not stop his judgment.
As we stepped out onto the roof you could smell the city on fire. demon corpses being burned and fear. with mug looks on there faces they called their beast i watched as johildi and Ajumi were swept off the roof by a large Black beast part wolf part dragon it mocked me and my kin. charging the enemies i readied myself to attack the first of them to flee. and after starting to rip into Pavanna the beast came back around and pushed me off the tower toward the courtyard. As i lifted myself from the ground i saw johildi jump from the second story roof and land next to me. the dog and cleric were on there way.
once we got to the ceiling thanks to the dogs incredibly useful power i tore into the Moth but it escaped with the dwarf’s body Ajumi fly after it and We all placed that trust in her. Johildi and the companion of his say their Gods give them reassurance that both the moth and the leader of their armies here died from the fall like Ajumi said but the body was no longer their and resurrection is something on the forefront of my mind. We my be seeing our friend here again. I’m not sure he would be happy to see us,

But once the forge is converted to being a fountain of holy energy the army will become better equipped. and i will have a moment to finally morn the passing of Talindalev. As well as try and be of some use to my friends and those who will follow our foot steps.

The City's Peek

Today we will take this city. And no matter where the Sword of valor is held we will find it.
Yesterday we finished searching the main floor of the citadel. As we entered the main stair well we found a map room with a dwarf who had been mind controlled by the succubus.
after tearing apart a minitar that tried to ambush us a Female Barbarian charged me. I am disgusted with how she has joined the side of the demons. their rifts and world wound destroyed our homeland. She was unrelenting as we traded blow for blow eventually putting her down i was knocked out after being struck from behind.

I awoke to the dwarf healing me. after the succubus was killed he regained control of his mind and helped turn the tide of battle. then showing us to the weapon storage and explaining the rest of the citadel lay out.

Strange feelings of Deja-vu

This whole ordeal is getting really weird! after our victory on the bridge and almost losing Johildi to the Chimera then meeting up with a bunch of gargoyles and other stupid demon things we all somehow managed to make our way into the citadel….. It all started so well! As soon as we got inside the doors slammed shut and arrows rained down on us…. aaannndd they missed! seriously youd think these guys would take this more seriously. anyways as the fighting began we got blasted in the face with a giant fireball…. as much as i love being lit on fire that was waaaaay too close for comfort.

i noticed kaladin run off in the direction of the fireball annndd he’s gone… right through the ground followed by a taunting laugh….. damn it there goes half our strength… right afterwards ayumi jumped into the room towards the caster but she too went down…. from what i managed to glimpse she didnt fall all the way down and eventually jumped her way back out. meanwhile we’re still up here dealing with the archers which started throwing bottles of shit at us! okay not really shit but green slime which is considerably worse! bastards! one of them managed to hit me and boy that stuff is EVERYWHERE! i stuck my hands into one of the gaps they were throwing from and blew fire right into the room only to be met with laughter from the teethlings on the otherside…

it was at that moment that i vowed to make one burn to death in irony! as the fighting continued the magic dog took me Kamilo and our cleric and poofed us over into the room with the bottle throwing assholes! i looked around and laughed until i saw a familiar sight…. an alchemist… like the one that took Leaf from us almost a month ago…. the fighting began and i cleaned myself of the slime almost immediately and positioned myself for a lightning bolt annnnnd i missed most of them…. managed to hit one of the now known rogues…. dicks… i turned my attention to the alchemist and began to focus on just him. At some point in the fight i looked to my left and was surprised then amused to notice a familiar fox face poke its tiny little head out of the whole the rogues were shooting from. i looked up and laughed as i threatened that they were all gonna die now! i moved up a little and laughed as i blasted the alchemist straight into the ceiling and watched him slam right back down! that was HILARIOUS!

Kamilo managed to finish him off with her arrows. i turn my attention to the rogues still next to me and with the help of Ayumi managed to kill both of them… leaving one as a frozen statue…. jerk… avoid my lightning bolt now dick…. the other two rogues decided now was the time to run and managed to get out. we gave chase right after we looted the bodies and got some more supplies. decided i should probably keep some of these potions for myself. After shortly regrouping with everyone we decided the best thing to do would be to chase after the escapees and make sure nothing else is hiding around. We all continued down a long corridor that led to a set of doors that we sent Ayumi to peek through. She came back to inform us of the six soldiers that were torturing what looked to be the two rogues that ran off before. They mustve died cause it got quiet shortly afterwards. we decide its best to just run in there and take them by surprised but a certain fox ninja forgot to close the damn door!!! HOW THE HELL DO YOU FORGET TO CLOSE THE DOOR!? Needless to say they heard us coming so we just went head first and started taking them on….. Apparently that was a mistake cause as soon as Kaladin got in and attacked they revealed themselves to be some ugly vulture creature things…. ugly as hell! They mustve pulled some weird trick on Kaladin too cause he started acting weird and started attacking Johildi right afterwards. the fighting continued and the more i looked around the more i get this weird feeling of deja-vu….. Once the fighting ended i used my scroll of dispell on Kaladin and brought him back under his senses…. thankfully… none of us wanted to fight that…..

Battle Report

We Secured the bridge with precision and expertise. Ajumi never ceases to amaze as she leaped into the air. My dragon blood boiled to fly but all I could do was hold close Terendelev’s scale blessing me with levitation. a sad Attempt to fly.

After a ride to the north bridge we Destroyed it before the Enemy could react. With the north bridge destroyed and the grave yard Sanctified there was nothing to stop the well trained formations of the paladins from cleaving through Southbank.

As We lead the army toward the city, siege weapons threatened to tear the men to shreds. we set our sights on destroying the weapons. Me and Atrix charged the south tower. With my strength and increased size I tossed aside the foot solders giving Atrix a path to the device he set the weapon aflame.

Like a beacon A grand demonic beast was called to the flame and to our challenge of war.
With three heads and Huge eagle like wings it came upon us focusing Johildi as if it knew that he lead us. Johildi was able to keep himself together just long enough for the rest of us to take it down.

And now standing atop their cursed beast we stair into the heart of Dresdin. We must find the banner and reset it.

Reach For The Skys

Today we awoke with a single purpose, to retake Dresden. I can feel Terendelev’s spirit Pushing us forward.

After scouting reports lead to the decision of taking and sanctifying the grave yard as a main staging ground for our assault. I could not agree more, with the restless put to rest nature will be by our side.

As we came upon the yard the ghouls started to stir just as Ajumi said. As planned the cleric road his dog through the field luring all the foul creatures together to purify them at once with Light. but that was as far as today’s first plans went. the ghouls were stronger then they should have been. some Greater evil was residing here the clerics pulsing light did not dismember the undead as hoped. As Atrix stepped forward to throw spells he did not foresee them to withstand his magic so easily. I saw the Ghoul Caller with his blade hiding in the back, with eyes to Ajimi she disappeared. And i went to slow the horde from devouring Atrix.
But even I under estimated their strength. the first ghoul to reach me took ever hit i had in me and only then did i see he was have hill giant. forcing me to rage as he grappled me. As Atrix had to back away from the swarm of ghouls headed our way he had the sense to bless me with strength to overcome the beast.

Smashing clawing biting smashing.
I lost myself in the fight till I finished crushing the last ghoul in front of me. looking up just in time to watch Atrix, Paralyzed get his neck ripped out by the ghoul.
Before i could even move the Cleric was there thanks to the work of his dog.

I let Atrix down. this is not the first time he has trusted placing his magic in me to fight with. if not for the strength he has loaned me we might not have made it through the trials we have faced. and I expect there to be many more times I will rely on his strength.

But the fight was not over yet.
A ghostly image had tried to kill the cleric and as i charged it i surged my arcane strike with ghost touch so that even the spirits will know they can not hide from Terendelev’s Fury. But as the creature saw me he fled back into his crypt, I will not let another demon escape me. as i rounded the corner the beast was also emerging from inside. It was its real body it was readying itself to flee to the sky like others before it. As i charged it and started to attack i realized i must grab on or I’m going to lose him. So dropping my weapons I latched claws first around the monster. but with its wings it carried both of us.
Knowing nothing but rage i crushed and bit every piece of it i could when over his shoulder between the flapping of wings i saw her Come to help flying through the air as if with wings herself came Ajumi grabbing the demons wings. all three of us plummeted to the earth on impact Ajumi was able to leap from the demon while also using my head as a launch pad to get away from the flying ruble. No worries though we got the demon and the taking of the Grave yard is a victory.

Inside the crypt Atrix has found the grave of an archmage. who’s crypt holds magic that lies in wait for some one strong enough to take it. Atrix believes himself to be. I am unsure of the endeavor but i will not fail him again if Atrix needs my strength i will be there for him.

Journal Entry 1 2/23/15 - Atrix

Dear journal,

Ive recently decided to start keeping track of all the crazy nonsense we’ve been getting into lately considering that, well i may die in a bright blaze of painful glory! hopefully not….. preferably not…. As much as id like to finally blow stuff up i’d prefer that not be me! Anywho back to the original reason for this. The events that led up to finding this great and powerful crypt were pretty…. uuhhh…. Deadly…. like… literally….. pretty sure i died at some point. First thing i remember was going to this crazy graveyard under orders to take that as our first vantage point for the imminent assault. As soon as we get there all i smell is death and crap and mixtures of both all around us…. Would much rather lick the magic dog thats accompanying our cleric repeatedly than to be there smelling those disturbing smells. As soon as we get there Those two run off around the whole graveyard which in turn caused a horde of ghouls to appear. They came from both sides and all i thought was “easy kill!”…. or they would be if my first attack did anything useful….. Boy was i mistaken….. The ghouls did not enjoy me trying to pick them off one by one ahead of everyone else…. i admit not one of my brightest moments but hey theyre weak. Got surrounded almost immidietly afterwards by a few ghouls. Luckily Kaladin managed to come up from behind and keep a good chunk of them off me. Right when he showed up decided to do the smart thing and power him up to be and even stronger power house of claws and scales! As the battle continues and things progress a bit ive taken quite the beating i was paralyzed and just when things couldnt get worse i was ripped apart by a ghoul! Boy that was an experience…. technically i should be dead… if it wasnt for our cleric im pretty sure id be not here putting this together…. When i awakened all i remember was every cleaning things up chasing some sort of creature around….. looked like it was getting wrecked. all i know is we mustve won cause after me and the cleric patched ourselves up and made our way over the creature was laying down almost unrecognizable. Damn….. it got wrecked….. I was just glad it was gone… one less thing i had to almost die to…. again…. Im seeing a terrible pattern here… Once we were inside the crypt we all started looking around and boy what i sensed in there was fantastimagical! i was practically drooling all over the place…. no wait… pretty sure i was drooling…. but seriously… all those great and magical feelings all over the room! gaaaaah it was just so great! i couldnt help myself and almost went straight to the source of the magic…. if it wasnt for Johild i just might have and boy… things were not gonna be pretty…. Pretty sure id set a record for fastest way to clear a party out or something…. Decided waiting around a little bit and mentally prepare myself for the situation would be better….. Im not gonna be holding out for this thing. whatever is in there will be mine and boy it better be worth it….. Should be interesting….. and hopfully i dont die…. again….. This should be fun……………


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